Justice, truth, beauty, ethics and rational thought

Assignment: Discussion Board #8

Week of Apr 4-10

Assignment: Journal Entry #4: Beauty (Due by Apr 8 @ midnight)

THEME #5 Ethics

Week of Apr 11-17

Module 9: Ethics: Justice, truth, beauty, ethics and rational thought; architecture’s importance to society; humanism, purpose and morality; religious morality, social projection of architecture; style and use to shift from expression to historical placement as representation of cultural ethics; the machine and alienation from pleasure of work; capitalism and the alienation from production; truth, socialism

Readings: Mitrović, Philosophy for Architects, 39-41, 104-107.

Morris, “Useful Work versus Useless Toil” in Modernism, An Anthology of Sources and Documents, 27-31

Dates Modules Topics Readings/ Assignments

and the betterment of mankind; utopia – discipline, efficiency and geometry; industrial revolution and utopia; the psychology of the metropolis; what problems architecture should address, what is the correct way to represent the building?

Marx, “from The Communist Manifesto” in Modernism, An Anthology of Sources and Documents, 6-8

Moholoy-Nagy, “from Constructivism and the Proletariat” in Modernism, An Anthology of Sources and Documents, 299

Whyte, “The expressionist utopia” in Tracing Modernity, 256-270

Leach, “The Aesthetics of Intoxication” in The Anaesthetics of Architecture, 33-54

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