Lab 2 BIOL 2108

Kingdom Fungi
General sketching is a valuable tool to have in biology. Please make sketches of the
following samples. Please keep them ordered and numbered as is shown below.
Use the provided handout where indicated and Google Images to make drawings. Do not
turn in photos.
I. Lichens (general body shapes)
a. Crustose (flat and crusty). Handout
b. Foliose (leaf like). Handout
c. Fruiticose (shrubby) Handout
d. Lichen Examples
i. Lobaria sp. “Lung Lichen” foliose. Google
ii. Letharia sp. “Wolf Lichen” fruiticose. Google
iii. Ramalia sp. “Cartilage Lichen” fruiticose. Google
iv. British Soldier Lichen. Handout
II. Zycomycota- The Zygote Fungi
a. Rhizopus- Black Bread Mold.
i. Handout- Note zygospores- darkest circular structures.
ii. Google- find a photo to draw that shows:
1. sporangia, sporangiophore, and spores
b. Mucor- Typical mold of soil, manure, and fruits
i. Handout- note structures labeled
c. Aspergillus
i. Handout (the arrow on right points to fungal cells called mycelium.
III. Basidiomycota- The Club Fungi
a. Ustilago sp. (Smuts). Handout
b. Clavaria sp. (Coral Fungi). Handout
c. Geaster sp. (Earthstars). Handout
d. Lycoperdon sp. (Puffballs). Handout
e. Common edible mushroom
i. Google- make a drawing that shows gills under cap
IV. Ascomycota- The Sac Fungi
a. Taphrina sp. Handout
b. Morchella sp. Handout
c. Peziza sp. Handout
d. Venturia sp. Handout
e. Yeast- Single celled fungi. Can reproduce via Budding- A small piece breaks
off and grows into a larger cell. Google
f. Penicillium sp. Handout
i. Note: Conidia (spores), Conidiophores, Mycellium
V. Interesting Specimens
a. Jelly Fungus (Basidiomycota) Handout
b. Giant Puffball (Basidiomycota) Handout

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