lack of communication ability

Question 1
In its annual survey of corporate recruiters, the Graduate Management Admissions Council routinely finds that ________ tops employers’ list of complaints about potential MBA job recruits.
A) lack of communication ability
B) inability to solve problems
C) poor cognitive skills
D) unfamiliarity with new channels of sales
Question 2
In terms of his career, Ryan’s communication skills ________.
A) will neither help him find a job nor help him keep it
B) won’t make any difference in his salary potential
C) will be perceived as important by his employers, but they cannot be translated into savings for his company
D) will make him a valuable employee
Question 3
In which of the following situations can good business communication skills have a positive impact on your life?
A) negotiating a better deal on a car
B) driving through busy streets
C) keeping your personal valuables safe
D) calculating your monthly expenses
Question 4
Which of the following is an example of unsuccessful communication?
A) ordering an item online and deciding, after it arrives, that you don’t like it
B) asking a friend for advice and then trying to apply it to your problem
C) receiving instructions on how to put something together and then assembling the item
D) making an urgent request on a colleague’s voice mail and getting no reply for a week
Question 5
The active listening skills used when you listen to the spoken word are ________ when you “listen” to what people say in their writing.
A) inapplicable
B) equally useful
C) much more required
D) far less effective

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