Law Questions

  1. Define the rule of law. How does the rule of law differ from law as the command of the state? Explain why the rule of law is “an ideal rather than a complete fact.”

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In simple words rule of law can be defined as the authority and influence of law in society. As per the rule of law all members of a society are regarded in an equal manner when it comes to the legal codes and processes. Rule of law differs from law as command of the state from the underlying point that rule of law prevents arbitrary use of power. Rule of law is an ideal rather than a complete fact because while it leads to fairness and is based on impartiality of decision it does not always is able to ensure that there is adherence to the principles of natural justice.

  1. A Newsweek article on business ethics concludes, “Even in today’s complex world, knowing what’s right is comparatively easy. It’s doing what’s right that’s hard.” Explain why this statement may be true in modern corporate decision making.
  2. On Page 181 of your textbook, answer the “Business Discussions” section’s Question 2.

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  • The Legal and Regulatory Environment of Business, 17th ed. (2016), Pagnattaro, Marisa Anne, Cahoy, Daniel, R., Magid, Julie Manning, Reed, O. Lee, and Shedd, Peter J. New York, N.Y.: McGraw Hill Education

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