Literatures review



Using five scholarly articles related to your third approved research topic, you are to perform and literature review. Make sure that your writing is in the past tense. For each of the articles, you are to extract the following information and place it in paragraph format. If the article does not have each of the five sections listed below, then you are not allowed to use that article.


What was the purpose of the study?

What terms/variables need to be defined?

How does this study build on or derive from other studies?

What was their working hypothesis or expectation?


          What methods and procedures were used?

What was the research participant pool (age, gender, number of subjects, and how they were selected)?

What were the characteristics of the subject?

What were the tests and measurements used?


          What did they find (stating it is the most detailed way possible)?


          How did their findings relate to the purpose?

Were there larger implications in the findings?

How were the findings beneficial to the study of psychology?

How valid and generalizable were the findings?

What did the article suggest for future research to get different results?


Write a three-page minimum (five page maximum), double spaced, APA formatted, 12 point font (include title page, abstract, and reference page).

Make sure that your paper is in APA format (in-text citations, abstract, reference page) should be a minimum of three pages and a maximum of five pages.

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