LNG 110 (Spring 2022) Final Assignment

[This assignment requires you to research a country, providing information about its language(s), society and culture. Each student has been assigned a different country. There is no required length for this assignment but you should try to provide all the information asked for (ideally 4 to 5 pages including pictures).

Students who did not copy (wrote by themselves) have made an obvious effort (especially those providing interesting and relevant extra facts) will receive a high grade; students who have made little effort or who have given the assignment little thought will receive a low grade.

At the end of the assignment, you should provide a list of the sources (e.g., websites, books) from which you have taken your information. PLEASE SUBMIT VIA SAFE ASSIGN ON BLACKBOARD. You need to get information from web sources (i.e., Wikipedia and country’s official webpage), I will accept 20% plagiarism score on SafeAssign, NOT over that. The deadline to submit the assignment is: April 25, Tuesday]

The assignment has the following three parts. You should include the information asked for each section:


The country

[Information about the country: name, geographical location, population, and any other interesting information.]



[Provide information on language/languages are spoken in this country (official, national etc.); Provide examples of written script(s); other interesting linguistic facts.]


Society and culture

[Information about religion(s); dress code; main food; celebrations and any other interesting information. USE colorful pictures to make it interesting!!

Also, provide information about discourse pattern and culture: is it collective or individualistic society?; Is the culture High context or low context? Why?

You can get info about individualism collectivism here:





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