Week 6 Mini Case Study: Nutri-Sam

Read “Apply Your Understanding: Nutri-Sam.” on pps. 236-237 of Operations Management for MBAs.

Note. Each response should be from 250- to 500-words in length.

1. Draw a network diagram for this project. Identify the paths through the network diagram that could potentially delay the project if its deadline is 40 months.

<Compose response here>

2. Find the probability that the project can be completed within 30 months. What is the probability that the project will take longer than 40 months? What is the probability that the project will take between 30 and 40 months?<Compose response here>3. Use Crystal Ball® (or any other simulation package) to simulate the completion of this project 1000 times, assuming that activity times follow a triangular distribution. Estimate the mean and standard deviation of the project completion time. Compare your results to your answer to Question 2.

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