Measuring Health and Disease

Calculate and compare the crude and age-specific death rates for each of the three counties (refer to the information Crude, Specific, and Adjusted Rates in the module homepage). Based on the crude death rate, which county appears to have the greatest need for funding? Does the age-specific death rate change your view regarding which county has a greater need for funding? Explain. Why is it possible to have a low crude rate and higher age-specific death rates?
2. Calculate and compare the cause-specific death rates (Use the information at from your background readings). For this, combine data from all counties. Based on the data provided, what do you think are the main health priorities?
Listen to the National Public Radio (NPR) broadcast of October 20, 2001, on Weekend All Things Considered, titled “Public Health.” Then listen to the segment on “Local Public Health” which was broadcast on October 25, 2001, on All Things Considered. (Enter the date of the broadcast followed by the title in quotes in the Search bar.)
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