Micro economics weekly discussion post.

Read the articles:

1) America Needs Labor Unions


by Dale Hunsen – March 24, 2015

2) Obama Rejects Republican Bid to Overturn New Union Rules


by Peter Baker – March 31, 2015

3)  Go to the internet and find an article that discusses labor union formation and activity, summarize key points and post in Discussions area


Refer to the presentation format outlined below for extended details. 

To receive the full grade for the timing of your response:

(1) Original response to topic should be posted by Thursday, 11:00 pm each week

(2) Responses to other students should be posted by Saturday, 11:00 pm each week

Presentation format:

 You are expected to make your own contribution in a main topic as well as respond with value-added comments to at least two of your classmates. You are also encouraged to respond to other students. In order to receive full credit for your contribution you are to (1) quote appropriate article(s) material in support of your analysis (the quoted material is not your analysis), and (2) cite the article(s) you are using. Articles used should be cited using APA format. (3) Week 7 module content should also be used to support and give credence to your comments. Also, to demonstrate your comprehension, please focus on economic vocabulary and supporting your remarks with clear examples. As always edit (grammar, punctuation, spelling) your response before submitting. Failure to embed article or module content material and cite appropriately reduces assessed grade by 15 points. 

 Choose one question to answer:

  1. Do unions engage in ethical behavior? Please explain. Provide specific examples.
  2. Historically, what factors precipitated the formation of unions? Please explain. Provide specific examples.
  3. Do you expect union activity to increase or decrease globally? Please explain. Provide specifics.



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