MODULE- 3 Discussion Question

Review the Death Investigation Power Point; Pay close attention to the questions and the relating pictures. In this Modules Discussion Question, you are to answer at least five (5) of the questions from the slides. NOTE: As a reminder, you may be exposed to sensitive/offensive words & pictures. I believe it’s important to have such, so as to fully understand what “True Life” criminal investigators are exposed. They come in serious situations as well as “Light hearted” situations in an attempt to deal with “True Life” events/experiences within the criminal investigations.

a) In your Discussion Question reply’s, you must post the five (5) specific question you’re answering.

b) After you have posted your questions with answers, you must reply to at least two (2) fellow students and their Discussion Question posts.

**Choose which five (5) questions to answer carefully. Decide whether you shall pick them due to the personal interest they spiked, the curiosity they’ve raised, etc. Let’s learn together!!

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