Module 7 Online Assignment 1: The Rise & Spread of Buddhism

Purpose:  The purpose of this assignment is to explore the rise and spread of Buddhism in and outside of the Indian subcontinent.

Task: First, view the film Tibet: The End of Time and be sure to thoroughly answer the focus questions; read pp. 61–72 & pp. 155–158 of the textbook.  Second, answer the following question (consider all parts of the question in your response):

  • How did Buddhism in early India compare to Buddhism in East Asian countries?  How did Buddhism find its way into East Asia, and what was its appeal and impact there?  How did it alter the culture, society, and politics of places like Tibet, Japan, and China?  (Be sure to provide examples from both the film and the textbook reading.)

As you answer all these questions, be sure to cite the source of your information.  In this assignment, it’s sufficient to just include the law number in parentheses (although historians don’t normally use MLA style, it’s fine here).  Third, type your answer and submit the file below (in .doc, .docx, or .pdf format).  Click on “Add File” and attach your file. It’s similar to attaching a file to an email.  You must press the blue “Submit” button to submit your work.  If you have any trouble with this let your professor know immediately!

Criteria for Success: Submit your answer in 250 to 400 words.  Your responses should be well written (correct grammar, spelling, punctuation, and organized using paragraphs).

  • Poor submissions will only answer some of the questions or only part of a question, be less than 250 words, and contain “googled” information that does not come from the reading (terrible submissions will be copied and pasted from the Internet, and be given a zero for violating the Academic Honesty Policy). Poor submissions will receive 1–3 points
  • Good submissions will answer all of the questions with brief, generic responses.  Good responses will receive 4–7 points.
  • Excellent submissions will answer all the questions and every part of the question while containing expanded analysis and elaboration of your thoughts with supporting evidence and examples cited from the reading, either as brief quotations or paraphrases. Excellent submissions will receive 8–10 points.

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