Multicultural Competence – Case Study

Multicultural Competence – Case Study


Chapter 3 of your Ethical, Legal, and Professional Issues in Counseling text identifies three goals of multicultural competence: self-awareness, knowledge, and skills.

For this discussion, select one of the case vignettes from the presentation Multicultural Competence – Case Study from this unit’s first study and imagine that you are the counselor working with the clients or student in this situation.

  • Identify the areas of multicultural competence needed for working with these clients or this student.
  • Identity your personal values and beliefs. Detail how any biases you have might impact your reaction to the student or clients. What steps will you take to ensure ethical practice?
  • Discuss the skills and intervention strategies you might need to work with these clients or this student? How will you gain this knowledge?

Cite at least three specific codes that apply to this case from the 2014 ACA Code of Ethics and/or the 2010 ASCA Ethical Standards for School Counselors.

Support your ideas with references to the professional literature. Follow APA sixth edition style and formatting guidelines in your post.


Omar is a 14-year-old, second-generation Jordanian-American student in the school where you are a counselor. After your classroom guidance activity on celebrations in different cultures, he approaches you to say that several of the other Muslim students are taunting him about some of the strong traditional religious views that his father, who is very active and influential in their community, is advocating. The other students, whose families have been in this country for several generations, frequently pick fights with Omar and exclude him from their social activities. Omar feels extremely upset and isolated; he is torn between respecting his father and his religion and his desire to fit into his new country and community.

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