multicultural psychology PSYC610



For this assignment you will submit a draft of a proposal to conduct a hypothetical course relevant research study. You may use a published study as a “prototype” of what the various components look like, but the study you design must be for your own original research idea. The draft proposal will consist of an Introduction, a Method section, a Literature Review and a Procedure section. The paper must comply with APA formatting rules. It will be automatically run through and an originality report generated on submission. 

Your midterm Study Proposal Draft will include the information below, with the bold font words as section headings in your proposal submission.  The Final Study Proposal will be comprised of the same information, with any errors corrected following prof feedback and the addition of a Methodology and an Analysis heading following the Hypothesis section.  Instructions for completion of it are on the Final Proposal  screen. 

Brief background information description of what areas of interest related to your proposal topic have been previously researched and what has been learned by those studies 
Significance of knowledge to the field 
Literature Review
Previous related research of others (6 Studies)
Interrelated findings of previously published studies and questions they pose 


Based on your literature review of the published research of other researchers (hypotheses are "educated guesses," a prediction to be tested via the gathering and analysis of scientific data -- as such it must be based on understanding of an issue gleaned from review of already published information about it)
          Stated as “This study will test the hypothesis that __________________” 

enlightened The Hypothesis link will open a guide to how to write a hypothesis statement.

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