My Case Study For Nutrition And One Question For A&P

Sweet Truth-Not All Carbohydrates Are Alike: Part I—”The Conversation” Questions

1. Compare and contrast the anatomy of the trachea and bronchi/bronchioles. Which one is more likely to collapse?

2. What is the difference between simple carbohydrates, complex carbohydrates and fiber?

3. What is the difference between soluble and insoluble fiber?

4. What does it mean that fiber is metabolically inert to humans? Why is fiber not listed on the caloric values of food?

5. How does fiber influence cholesterol levels and blood sugar levels?

6. What are digestive enzymes and there role? Where are digestive enzymes produced within the digestive system?

7. What is the gut flora? Is it diverse?

8. What role does the gut flora have within the digestive system and body?

9. What can harm or deplete your gut flora? What can “rebuild” or increase the good bacteria in your gut flora?

10. Briefly describe the condition of lactose intolerance and why its symptoms occur?

Snack/Energy Bars: Part I—”The Healthiest Bar?” Questions

1. What bar has the highest amount of calories? Total Fat? Total Carbohydrates? Total Fiber? Total Protein?

2. Why don’t any of the bars of have cholesterol? What food products would have cholesterol within it? Which food products don’t?

3. Which fat is the healthiest and worse; include why this is the case: Saturated, Monounsaturated or Trans fat?

4. Examining the ingredients and nutritional facts, defend which bar is the healthiest? (2 points)

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