Observation Assignment:

1. Objective: Observe, record and analyze nonverbal communication.

2. Complete the four observations by the due date.

3. Each entry should be structured the same as the model observation found in the Assignments section on D2L. Make sure you use and label all of the bold faced headings as depicted in the model.

4. Each observation is different from the other three. The difference is determined by the assigned primary focus. The instructor will discuss in class suggested ways of conducting the four different observations.

-Observation Two–Primary focus: Clothing/Artifacts

Observation two may be of one or more persons.

6. The length of each
 entry should be 600—650 words.

7. All four entries are to be typed and assembled in a single folder.

8. The grading rubric found on D2L will tell you exactly what elements of the assignment the instructor will grade and the point value of each element. Be sure to include one copy of the grading rubric when you submit your four observations.

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