Online Media Marketing: Customer Led-Tactics


There are specific issues a business should be concerned with when developing a customer-led strategy. Customer-based strategies should focus on five stages: (1) objectives and performance measures, (2) knowing the customers, (3) customer interaction, (4) conducting an internal assessment, and (5) implementing action plans and strategies. Of course, there is a difference between strategies and tactics.

By looking at the five stages, a company can develop its tactics. For example, the business may run several surveys in order to get to know its customers, and thus accomplishing the second stage. It is important to create strategies with tactics that meet the various stages.

Complete the following and answer the questions in an essay format:

  1. Select a business’ website.
  2. Identify and describe at least two customer-led tactics used by this business on their website.
  3. Develop a new customer-led tactic that the business could use in its Internet marketing strategy.

This assignment should be approximately 1 page in length. TIMES NEW ROMAN and 12 Point Font

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