Organizational Consulting – Beta Oil

This case study analysis is the second of the two formative tasks that will support your understanding of key course concepts and the elements of a successful consultation for an organization—that is, diagnosing problems, creating a plan to address the specific problems, and the practical implications of implementing a plan.

Review the “Beta Oil” case study attached

In your analysis of the case, specifically assess the effectiveness of the methods used by the consultant to assess the corporate culture.

In a 3-4 page APA analysis of the case study, summarize the key features of the situation very briefly and then analyze the organizational consulting methods used to assess corporate culture and their efficacy.

Ensure that you address the following questions:

What did the organizational consultant do right in the assessment of corporate culture?

What might the consultant have done differently?

What was the most surprising finding of the cultural assessment?

What are your recommendations to improve the assessment of corporate culture?

Use at least two outside sources to support your position on the effectiveness of the current methods used to recruit and hire employees.

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