organize the details into three supporting groups and prepare a scratch outline

Write an essay on the effects of Internet usage or lack thereof on your daily life. Following the steps Diane Wood took to write “The Hazards of Moviegoing,” freewrite and explore your topic (see pages 24- 25, Langan, College Writing Skills, eighth edition);

  1. make a list of ideas that relate to your subject
  2. organize the details into three supporting groups and prepare a scratch outline
  3. focus your essay on the positive or negative aspects and provide a thesis which includes a plan of development and topic sentences for supporting paragraphs
  4. write the first draft
  5. revise the draft for content and style
  6. and edit errors in grammar, punctuation and spelling
  7. check your essay one last time against the checklist below; and present the final version of your essay with an appropriate title.


  • Clear opening statement of the point of your paper?
  • All material on target in support of the main point?


  • Specific evidence? (62- 66)
  • Plenty of it?


  • Clear Method of Organization?
  • Transitions and other connective devices?
  • Effective introduction, conclusion and title?

Sentence Skills

  • Fragments eliminated?
  • Run-ons eliminated?
  • Correct verb forms?
  • Subject and verb agreement?
  • Faulty parallelism and faulty modifiers eliminated?
  • Faulty pronouns eliminated?
  • Capital letters used correctly?
  • Punctuation marks where needed?
    • Apostrophe
    • Commas
    • Dashes; Parentheses
    • Quotation marks
    • Colons; semicolons
    • Hyphens
  • Correct paper format and citation and documentation of sources?
  • Needless words eliminated?
  • Effective word choice?
  • Possible spelling errors checked?
  • Careless errors removed through editing and proofreading?
  • Sentences varied?

Writing Requirements

  • Use  APA
  • Margins
  • Page number
  • Abstract
  • Introduction
  • Conclusion

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