SPA103 Week 4 Discussion 2

Prepare: To prepare for this activity, review the vocabulary and grammar explanations from Capítulo 4. Continue to practice conjugating verbs in the present tense, to ask and answer questions, and to familiarize yourself with the vocabulary by completing several of the assigned practice activities in MySpanishLab.


Reflect: What makes your city unique? What kinds of things do you and your friends enjoy doing on the weekends? Can you convey what you think will happen in the future? When was the last time that you wrote a postcard? What picture would make a perfect postcard for your city or town?


Write: Choose one of the following activities to use for your initial response.

  • Activity #1: In Capítulo 4 of your primary text, explore activity 4-20 Qué Será, Será… (p. 148). Use the ir + a + infinitive construction to predict the future for yourself, your friends, your family, famous people, and so forth.

    Write five predictions of what will occur in the future for five different subjects (e.g., your children, the president of the United States, you, etc.). Consult page 148 for a model.
  • Activity #2: In Capítulo 4 of your primary text, explore activity 4-38 Una Tarjeta Postal (A Postcard) (p. 159). Write a postcard highlighting different things in your city or town. See if you can convince your classmates to visit!

    Use the following questions to organize your ideas. Write at least five complete sentences. Consult the model on page 159 of your primary text if needed.
    • ¿Qué lugares hay en tu pueblo o ciudad?
    • ¿Por qué son importantes o interesantes?
    • Normalmente, ¿qué haces allí?
    • ¿Adónde vas los fines de semana?
    • ¿Qué te gusta de tu pueblo o de tu ciudad?
  • Activity #3: In Capítulo 4 of your primary text, explore activity 4-22 En Tu Opinión (p. 150). Complete the following sentences about volunteer work. Be sure to follow up with additional details to give the reader a clear description of your opinion. Refer to the model on page 150.
    • Yo (no) soy un/a consejero/a perfecto/a porque…
    • Dos trabajos voluntarios que me gustan son …
    • Hay muchas residencias de ancianos en los Estados Unidos porque…
    • Yo apoyo al candidato __________ porque . . .
    • Cuando repartes comidas, puedes . . .

Respond to Peers: Read through your classmates’ posts. Choose two different posts, and ask one question to each classmate, in Spanish, to elicit more information (Due by Day 5). Also, respond to one of the questions posed by your classmates in response to your initial post (Due by Day 5).

Note: You will have a minimum of four posts, in Spanish, in this forum:

  • Your initial post (Due by Day 3)
  • A question posed to classmate 1 (Due by Day 5)
  • A question posed to classmate 2 (Due by Day 5)
  • An answer to a question posed by a classmate in response to your initial post (Due by Day 7)

Tips for success:

  • Post your initial response by Day 3. If you post late, you may not have a question from a classmate to respond to in order to fulfill that portion of the prompt.
  • As you interact with peers, please look for posts that don’t have questions from classmates first. That way, we can ensure that everyone has an opportunity to practice both asking and answering questions.

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