Spanish 1 Assignments

go to mcgraw hill connect    contact me to get login information to see if you can do the assignments.

what i need done today asap once your in my account click on next assignment it bring down all assignments the ones i need done are, might look like a lot but there simple if you know spanish, i need all assignmnets completed here they are: $25 1st and once complete the total of $50

cap7 wb/lm part 2

cap7 wb/lm part 3

cap7 repaso 1

cap7 repaso 2

cap8 wb/lm part 1

cap8 wb/lm part 2

cap8 repaso 1

cap8 repaso 2

examen capitul 8

actividad 1

actividad 2

actividad 3

actividad 4

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