Peer-Review And And Adding More Words To A Research Paper

.* Include at least 3 primary sources.

* Paper should be at least 2500 words (not including references, title page, etc.)

Other points to keep in mind…

  1. Include page numbers.
  2. Number your figures and tables, and include a title and reference (i.e. from which of your listed references did you get the information in the table?  Make sure the reader could verify the information.)
  3. Use appropriate style.  Beware of being too informal. i.e. no contractions, no first person.
  4. Set the stage and clearly state the paper’s objective in the introduction. State the questions that you seek to answer, and why the reader should care.
  5. Organize the paper around a central point (your objective) – and make that point crystal clear to the reader.  Prepare figures, tables and calculations FIRST, then write.
  6. Contains key supporting points (organized around your questions)
  7. Support your objective with concrete examples and illustrations
  8. Provide a conclusion that summarizes key points and ties back to central point.
  9. Include reference list and in-text citations, as discussed above.
  10. Include a title page – nicely formatted
  11. Make sure that sub-headings guide your discussion for the reader. 

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