Peregrine Assessment

ALL STUDENTS: During week 3, please check your university email ( via your Office 365 email account to find an email from that will either provide you with detailed instructions on how to complete the Peregrine assessment or a waiver stating that you were not required to complete the assessment. If you do not receive an email regarding this requirement by the end of week 3, please contact

Students receiving a waiver email from should attach and submit the email into the submit assignment section below to get credit for the assignment.

Students selected to take the exam: Your score on this nationally normed, summative assessment will measure the business related knowledge you have gained during this program and the score will affect your completion of this course. Please attach and submit the score report provided by Peregrine after completing the Peregrine exam into the submit assignment section below. Your exam score will be converted (see score conversion chart below) to determine your final grade for the assignment.  If you have any questions about the assessment or your final score, please reach out to your professor as soon as possible.

The exam will include approximately 100 multiple-choice questions.  You will have 3 minutes to complete each question and will be allowed three 15 minute breaks.  You can exit and resume the exam, but you will only be able to do some three times over a 48 hour period.

For Technical Assistance regarding the Peregrine Assessment, please contact Peregrine Technical Support directly.

Completion of the Peregrine Assessment and submission of results or waiver is due by the end of Week 4.

Score Conversion Chart

Peregrine Score Relative Interpretation of Student Competency Outbound Exam Grade/Points
80-100% Very High 100pts
70-79% High 90pts
60-69% Above Average 80pts
40-59% Average 70pts
30-39% Below Average 50pts
20-29% Low 40pts
0-19% Very Low 20pts

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