Post-War And Civil Rights.

Writing in 2008, Professor Daniel Byman argued that the American definition of state-sponsored

terrorism is essentially flawed and out-of-step with current international events. Do you agree? Why? Why

not? Are there reliable parameters that the U.S. State Department should consider when labeling or lifting

a “state sponsorship” status? Please substantiate your answer referencing the case of Cuba OR Syria. –

Week 6 Discussion: Post-War and Civil Rights/Other

Movement(s), 1945-1972

 Actions for Week 6 Discussion: Post-War and Civil Rights/Other Movement(s), 1945-1972


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Please provide a detailed answer to the following question(s) by the close of the day

Friday, as well as a response to at least two (2) of your fellow classmates’ responses by

the close of the day on Sunday. Please provide a more thoughtful answer to another

classmate’s response than “I agree”, “I concur,” "I feel," "I believe," or “Great answer!”

Thank you.

Name and explain at least three (3) factors for why the Civil Rights Movement between

1954 and 1968 was more effective in mobilizing millions of Americans in favor of equal

rights and protections for Blacks than in any period prior to the Brown decision

(1954). What factors limited the ability of the Civil Rights Movement to make further

gains in terms of ending segergation and other forms of racial discrimination?

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