Powerpoint Presentation of IT consulting firm

1. Title and Tagline ( Allegiance technologies , Advanced IT solutions

2. Company mission:

To provide Best IT professionals to business clients

Design, Development and Quality testing of IT projects as part of end to end implementation tasks.

Our portfolio of IT Services and Solutions is backed by end to end capabilities and partnerships across the nation.

About us

Delivered projects in SAP and Big data from 6 years

Our consulting services include a wide range of services such as implementing enterprise wide applications, business process analysis, application design and delivery, databases, data warehousing, systems design and implementation

About Me (Managing Partner)

Name: Vijaya Badiga (SAP Architect) more than 15 years in IT enterprise applications

3. About Employees !

We have more than 18 IT professionals serving in different software implementations and technologies.

Need a table here like (

Name Skill Years of Experience Achievements – Revenue, Staffing, implementations,

Prepare some Staffing and IT consulting statements here from our website

( Www.allegiance-technologies.com)

4. Goals ( Short term and Long term goal)

>25 Resource Count

>Making our employees certified in their respective areas

>End to End Project Implementation in Big data and Sap Hana

>Product Development on Data visualization and planning tools

5. Partners- Clients and Vendors

>We Sub-Contract to Fortune 500 Companies

>Cardinal Health, McKesson, Abbott laboratories, Nikon, Cameron, Cisco, United Health care, Sysco foods, UPS, AstraZeneca, Scotts Miracle Gro, Fen wall Blood Technologies, DuPont , Momentive Specialty Chemicals

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