Project Update #1-updated information

Explain the scope of the project (i.e. , I will be responsible for planning two-weeks of lessons for the 2-3 year old classroom.  My theme will be spring for one week, and birds for the second week.  OR My project is to set behavioral goals for children from family X.   I will meet with the family along with my supervisor to talk about the goals.  This needs to be a paragraph of information, not 1-2 sentences.  I’m looking for specific details!  Lack of detail will require you to re-do this paper.

What are the goals for this project?  Please use the skills that you have gained in AHS 441 to write goals that are measureable.


Explain the steps required to accomplish the project.  For example, if you are planning an event, the first step would be __________, then the next step will be _________, and so on.  Be specific!! What steps toward your project have you accomplished thus far?


Explain how you will use the HDFS curriculum you have studied to complete this project.  Provide detail; for example, I will be using the information about child development to plan appropriate activities using cognitive, physical, and social/emotional areas to plan activities; or I will be using the goal setting models we learned to set appropriate development goals, or I will be using the ___parenting approach.


What goals will you work toward completing for the second update?


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