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Signature Assignment Instructions

This Signature Assignment will combine the Spiritual Explanation Paper and Physiological Explanation Papers, adding a section about potential ways of reconciling differences in perspective and considering ethical implications for intervention, treatment, growth, etc. The material will be translated into a Presentation with an emphasis in being able to explain the material to non-experts.

Signature Assignment Presentation

Find a psychological process that has had a spiritual/supernatural explanation that now also has strong physiological explanations.

Provide a summary of the spiritual/supernatural explanation and the physiological evidence.

Discuss the ethical implications for understanding the psychological process from each perspective. As mentioned in the earlier papers, this should not be a general ethical considerations, but rather how both the spiritual and physiological explanations of the problem would affect the ethics of interventions.

Make sure to address relevant cultural influences and/or differences for both the spiritual and physiological explanations. This includes how different cultures may approach and provide different spiritual/supernatural perspectives as well as how the psychological process may appear differently in various cultures.

In presenting the physiological components, make sure to describe relevant anatomy involved as well as the physiological mechanisms, including any biochemical, genetic, and structural influences.

Finally, discuss how the spiritual and physiological explanations can be resolved. If you cannot see how they can be resolved, provide an argument for which explanation should be adopted. In either case, remember to address ethical implications for intervention, treatment, growth, etc., of the process from each perspective.

Remember to rely on scholarly materials, especially for the physiological evidence. The spiritual citations can be theological, academic, or historical documents.

Present this information in a Presentation (a written paper is not part of this assignment), making sure to explain the material in a way that non-experts would understand.

Incorporate visual elements, such as the visual summaries in the textbook.

Use the speaker notes section to provide more detailed explanations and review the following site for how to structure an effective presentation: 5 Rules for More Effective Presentations (opens in a new window).

The presentation should be a minimum of 10 slides, excluding the title and reference slides.

However, make sure you provide enough content to thoroughly address the topic.

You may copy information you have written from papers in this course developing the final assignment.

Make sure to follow APA format and include citations where needed, including for images.

Instruction Files

physiology explanation.docx25.4 KBspiritual explanation.docx23.5 KB

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