Question 1

Aeneas tries to embrace his father, Anchises, but his hands pass right through the shade. This mirrors a scene between Odysseus and his mother. Question 2 Hector’s wife begs him not to return to the battle-front because she says, all of her immediate male adult blood relatives have been killed in the Trojan war at her home-town of Thebes (PS: it’s a different Thebes than Oedipus &), and he is all she has left. Question 3 Achilles, when he rejoins the fighting, battles both mortals and gods Question 4 ” Potiphar’s Wife & stories, like that of Bellerophon, involve a hero falsely accused of seducing or raping his social/political superior. Question 5 The story of Meleager as Phoenix tells it in Iliad 9 omits any mention of a magic log, which is central to Ovid’s telling of Meleager story Question 6 Penelope tried to deter the suitors by weaving and secretly unraveling her father- in-law’s funeral shroud, which she insists she must finish before she can remarry. Question 7 Odysseus sees an area in the realm of the dead were people who committed suicide reside Question 8 In the realm of the dead, Achilles regrets his youthful but glorious death Question 9 Glaucus, despite being overmatched, wounds and nearly kills Diomedes. Question 10 Aphrodite favors the Greek side in the Trojan warEscribe una oración que exprese lo opuesto en cada ocasión. 


No creo que Carlos esté resfriado.

Creo que Carlos está resfriado. 

1 Están seguros de que Pedro puede dejar de fumar.

2 Es evidente que estás agotado.

3 No creo que las medicinas naturales sean curativas.

4 Es verdad que la cirujana no quiere operarte.

5 No es seguro que este médico conozca el mejor tratamiento.

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