Ranger Company

The form on page 6-67 shows the amounts that appear in the Earnings to Date column of the employees’ earnings records for 10 workers in Ranger Company. These amounts represent the cumulative earnings for each worker as of November 8, the company’s last payday. The form also gives the gross amount of earnings to be paid each worker on the next payday, November 15.

In the state where Ranger Company is located, the tax rates and bases are as follows:

In the appropriate columns of the form on page 6-67, do the following:

1. Compute the amount to be withheld from each employee’s earnings on November 15 for (a) FICA—OASDI,

(b) FICA—HI, and (c) SUTA, and determine the total employee taxes.

2. Record the portion of each employee’s earnings that is taxable under FICA, FUTA, and SUTA, and calculate the total employer’s payroll taxes on the November 15 payroll.

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