RES 811 Week 2 Discussion 1

RES 811 Week 2 Discussion 1

Doctoral learners/researchers must become information-literate individuals who are able to identify, locate, evaluate, and organize research sources and materials. They must also be able to communicate effectively regarding these sources and materials. The evaluation component of information literacy includes considering the article’s accuracy, objectivity, currency, authority, and relevance. How might assent to solipsism, which you studied last week, affect a person’s ability to evaluate research? Explain. How might one’s ability to evaluate research be affected by the rejection of solipsism? Explain.

As a reminder, solipsism is the view or theory that the self is all that can be known to exist.

…[S]olipsism merits close examination because it is based upon three widely entertained philosophical presuppositions, which are themselves of fundamental and wide-ranging importance.

These are:

(a) What I know most certainly are the contents of my own mind – my thoughts, experiences, affective states, and so forth;

(b) There is no conceptual or logically necessary link between the mental and the physical. For example, there is no necessary link between the occurrence of certain conscious experiences or mental states and the “possession” and behavioral dispositions of a body of a particular kind; and

(c) The experiences of a given person are necessarily private to that person.

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