Read Chapter 10 and then author a paper with the instructions below:

Consider either your current or former work environment(s), and discus how you think the employees and management (owners, government, etc.) would feel about each of the issues below. In addition, please discuss potential resolution of the different perspectives and how this information should be communicated back to leadership and the workforce.


                Alternative Work Schedules (i.e. flexible work)


                Restriction of Overtime

                One other issue of your choice


Firstly, describe the work environment (size, work done, types and number of employees). Do not include specifics such as employer identities.

Secondly, for each item above, state what you think the employees would want the policy to be, and why.

Thirdly, for each item above, state what you think the management/owners would want, and why.

Finally, for each item above, state what you think a fair and reasonable agreement would be, considering the desires of both sides.

The idea here is to examine some of the non-wage issues that affect union/employer relationships in real environments. Evaluate both sides and develop a compromise. State your arguments and reasons for them, and give your resolution to each and the reason for your stance.


Submission Instructions:

Any papers/assignments should at a minimum contain 500-750 words of content (double spaced), include a properly formatted cover page (abstracts are optional), and a reference listing page with at least three (3) NEW references properly listed at the end of your work.   Must be in APA format.


Textbook access will be provided upon assignment.


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