Reflection #2: Sociological Analysis of a Current Event

For this assignment, you will choose a current event that has taken place
during the semester. Therefore, it must have happened since August. You
will locate, read, and print (save) an article (which must be attached to the
final submission); this article must come from a Nationally-recognized news
source (e.g. The New York Times, Washington Post, Chicago Tribune, Wall
Street Journal, etc.) and not a network news source (e.g. CNN, ABC,
In your reflection, you will summarize the article as if the reader (the
instructor) has never read the article before. You will choose one (1)
sociological concept discussed in class (not a theory like symbolic
interactionism, but a concept like race or gender). Define the concept and
apply the concept to better explain the current event.
Your answers should be in essay format, typed, 1-2 pages in length, and
double-spaced. This assignment should be completed independently. A
high-quality essay will explicitly incorporate concepts, theories, and topics
from the text and lectures, and it will demonstrate a good understanding of
them as they pertain to the questions.
Your paper should include an introduction, a summary of the article
(describing the article and indicating any assumptions or biases the author
may have), and an application of the concept to the article. Lastly,
summarize your ideas and make a claim as to the usefulness of sociology in
helping readers better understand the real world.

• Assignment Length: 1-2 pages
• Format: Typed (12pt. font), double-spaced, one (1) inch margins
• You must provide citations using a consistent and appropriate APA format both
in-text and with a References page at the end of the paper
• Be sure to clearly and correctly define all sociological concepts, terms, or
theories that are used in your paper. Show off what you’ve learned!
• Excessive problems in grammar, spelling, and punctuation will result in grade

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