Requires APA Format, Turnitin Receipt, And References

Discussion Two: 200 words each, APA format, include references:

1. What do you consider to be the key components of HRD?

2. Explain your understanding of the model (Figure 5.3, p. 101) and discuss its implications for real-life practice in the field.

3. Given the history and theoretical perspectives of the HRD field, how does HRD balance the needs of employees, organizations, and society?

Discussion Three: 200 words each, APA format, include references:

1. Explain your understanding of the paradigm with which you have the greatest connection and discuss how this may inform good HRD practice in terms of human development.

2. Describe the applicability of performance models in an organization concerned with learning and development. 

Watch the Andragogy video ( and reflect on the reading on “Applying the Andragogy in Practice Framework” (p. 211) then discuss the following:

a) How do you ensure that learning experiences that you design for adults match up with the assumptions of andragogy?

b) Describe a learning experience you particularly enjoyed as an adult and show how the experience matched/contradicted the assumptions of andragogy.

Discussion Four: 200 words each, APA format, include references:

1. Discuss Training and development as an important function in the workplace in terms of expertise. What is expertise and why is it important to HRD?

2. Provide a personal experience that illustrates the concept of expertise.

3. In addition to training and development, what other practical applications/purposes could the ADDIE model serve?

Discussion Five: 200 words each, APA format, include references:

1. What is Action Research? How does it fit into the OD process?

2. Explain the importance of change as an organizing construct for HRD.

3. Describe the main results expected from OD interventions

4. What is the value of Career Development Assessment Centers?

Discussion Six: 200 words each, APA format, include references:

1. Illustrate your understanding of the differences between strategic planning and scenario planning?

2. Compare and contrast strategic and nonstrategic HRD practices

3. What are some possible reasons for using metrics in HRD?

4. Justify HRD’s role in workforce planning in its host system.

Discussion Seven: 200 words each, APA format, include references:

1. What is the role of e-learning in HRD especially in terms of OD and Performance Improvement?

2. What are your thoughts on how globalization affects certification and accreditation?

3. What is the role of HRD in a virtual organization?

4. What does the future of HRD look like to you?

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