Research Essay

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The Research Essay will require you to research and choose readings to incorporate into your essay. After reading and watching the content on 

Research Essays, choose one of the following topics for your essay (listed below). Be sure to choose a position on the topic. For example, if you 

choose music therapy, be sure to discuss if music therapy benefits clients more than being prescribed medications. Think about the possible negatives 

and positives for each topic to narrow the topics below. The essay will be four to five pages in length and employ APA format.

Follow these guidelines to write your Research Essay:

 The Research Essay should be four to five pages in length and include at least three scholarly sources


Include an APA title page

 Include APA in-text citations wherever you reference the text.

 Include a reference page in APA format.

 Be objective and avoid using “I”, “you”, and “we”.

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