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 Why is mobile computing so important to these three firms? Evaluate the mobile strategies of each firm.


Mobile computing consists in doing activities which involve the internet without being fixed to a particular place but at the discretion of the users. This feature provides a very large flexibility, portability, and efficiency at the same time, providing the future of the internet technology, a domain with high competition. That’s why for these 3 firms, mobile computing is very important, as a good mobile computing strategy can increase the revenue of profit for every company. Google, Apple, and Facebook especially have implemented excellent strategies related to mobile users, as all of them proved to be more focused on use accessibility features for their customers to improve the intimacy between the customer and the company.Google’s mobile strategy is based on advertising that allows companies to post their products and services advertisement on Google which provides Android at no cost for the Google, Apple, and Facebook Struggle for your Internet Experience Case Study 5entire smartphones manufacturers. Android is a free open source operating systems for mobile phones. Also, Google has now its own devices, like Apple, called Nexus 7 Tablet and they also owns YouTube and also a very useful app: Google Maps on mobile phones. These are very used and highly liked by users. In order to compete with Facebook, Google introduceGoogle Plus and marketed Twitter as a social media network.Apple is the pioneer in the mobile industry. Mobile computing was actually started with iPhone, iPod, and iTunes touch. As Google provides Play Store, Apple provides its usersApps Store. However, compared with Android, the Apple’s operating system, IoS, is more complicated, less user-friendly and highly restrictive to their users.Meanwhile, Facebook has a dedicated app for smartphones, both available on AppsStore and Play Store providing mobile advertisement on this page. The Facebook’s user interface displays messages and photos from Facebook users. It also has a Graph search allowing users to search for friends.

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