Response to DQ2B

Respond as if you are speaking directly to the author.  Use APA formatting and cite references


Based upon the currently confused definitions that the United States use regarding domestic terrorism it would seem that a number of attacks that we currently interpret as international terrorism.  In February of 2015 a native born citizen of Denmark named Omar Abdel Hamid el-Hussein, killed several citizens with a firearm before being killed himself.  Ironically this occurred in a country with strict gun control laws.

In 2014 another example of homegrown jihad terrorism occurred in Canada.  A native-born Canadian citizen, Michael Joseph Hall, 32, also known as Michael Zehaf-Bibeau, killed one soldier and caused the lockdown of the Canadian parliament.  Ironically this occurred in a country with strict gun control laws.

Based upon current criteria and labeling of U.S. terrorist attacks, it definitely appears that the data show that domestic terrorist attacks and body counts have skyrocketed.  The bombing in Boston, Massachusetts in 2013, the husband and wife attack in San Bernadino, California in 2015, and the recent Orlando, Florida attack, are all evidence that support this conclusion.  In all instances the attacks were blamed on “self-radicalization” based upon Internet propaganda.

The solution to addressing this particular type of domestic terrorism is not simple.  Additionally, it has to start by defining the nature of the threat and identifying it publicly, regardless of politically correct verbiage.  Whether or not the discussion is radical Islamic jihadism or Christian fundamentalism, or whatever the source, it is necessary that discussion among those members involved occur to come to grips with the issues spawning these attacks. 


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