he has noticed an increase in absenteeism that he thinks is related to the general health of the employees. Four years ago, in an attempt to improve the situation, he began a fitness program in which employees exercise during their lunch hour. To evaluate the program, he selected a random sample of eight participants and found the number of days each was absent in the six months before the exercise program began and in the last six months. Below are the results.


Employee Before After
1 7       5      
2 7       2      
3 5       1      
4 6       2      
5 4       3      
6 5       6      
7 7       3      
8 7       7      


At the 0.05 significance level, can he conclude that the number of absences has declined? Hint: For the calculations, assume the “Before” data as the first sample.


Reject H0 if t > _____?_______


The test statistic is _______?_______


The P value is _______?_______


Decision __________?__________





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