Role of Conflict and Power Paper



Select and watch one of the following movies:


·         Legally Blonde (2001; PG-13)

·         Love Actually (2003; R)

·         Brick Lane (2007; PG-13)

·         Transamerica (2005; R)

·         Catch Me If You Can (2002; PG-13)

·         Meet the Parents (2000; PG-13)

·         Crash (2004; R)

·         Inception (2010; PG-13)

·         Babel (2006; R)

·         Windtalkers (2002; R)

·         Nell (1994; PG-13)

·         Two Can Play That Game (2001; R)

·         Dead Man Walking (1995; R)

·         The Interpreter (2005; PG-13)

·         Hotel Rwanda (2004; PG-13)

·         The Kite Runner (2007; PG-13)

·         I Love You, Man (2009, R)

·         In Good Company (2005, PG-13)

·         It’s Complicated (2009; R)   

·         Rachel Getting Married (2008; R)      

·         Doubt (2008, PG-13)                                   

·         The Social Network (2010, PG-13)


Write a 1,400- to 1,750-word paper discussing the role of conflict, power, and self-disclosure. Include the following information, and do not simply summarize the movie:


·         Identify the characters in the movie.

·         Provide an overview of their relation to each other.

·         Include your personal thoughts on what the movie is saying about communication in general.

·         Analyze the role of communication between the main characters and their relationships with each other.

·         Describe power and conflict issues.

·         What is the purpose of self-disclosure? Discuss whether any self-disclosure issues exist between the parties.


Note.You may use a movie or book not listed,with yourfacilitator’s approval.




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