SCIN137 Assignment 4

Assignment Instructions


There are five short-answer questions that are to be answered.  These questions are to be answered thoroughly and short answers that don’t follow spelling and grammar rules will be penalized.  One-sentence answers will not be sufficient to address the question. will be automatically used on all submissions to check for plagiarism as well, so be sure to cite all sources following APA standards.  


The questions to be answered will be listed at the end of this page.  When you have completed answering the questions, please enter them in a Microsoft Word Document and upload it.  The Turnitin check will occur automatically.



EXCEEDS or is at the HIGHEST Expectations:  Effort at this level is greater than expected or at the highest level

“A” level responses

MEETS Expectations: Effort at this level represents what is acceptable

“B” to “C” level responses

BELOW Expectations: Effort at this level is less than expected


Response Content



Response shows insight, depth and understanding of all the basic issues of the question.

Response offers a creative and/or critical analysis.


Response is on point and clearly related to the question.

Outside references are used, when needed.*


Response is simple, but shows some insight, depth or connection to the key question.

Some material is irrelevant.


Some personal opinion is not adequately expressed, explained or supported.


Response is simple and unsubstantial; lacks depth and insight.

Response is off point.


References are not used when needed. *




Response consistently shows good grammar, no spelling errors and good editing to promote readability.

Response has a few spelling or grammatical errors.


Poor spelling and grammatical errors present.

Informal language is used.




1. What occurs during a major El Niño event?  How might this affect global wind and precipitation patterns?

2. What changes might you expect to see in the earth’s general circulation if the earth’s rotation were in the opposite direction?

3. Explain why large high and low pressure systems don’t move from east-to-west across the continental United States.

4. When making a weather forecast, which kind of chart is more important: a surface chart or a 500 mb chart?  Why?

5. List the four basic types of air masses.  Give an example of where each type could originate and describe how each air mass could affect local weather conditions if it moved into your region.

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