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As your final project, you will write an essay in which you present your own Personal Philosophy of Success. The purpose of this essay is to define the success strategies that you will use for years to come. This essay is your opportunity to write the script that will keep you on course to a rich, personally fulfilling life. The minimum length for this essay is 500 words, and it must be prepared on a word processor.

The rubric that will be used for scoring this assignment is available for your review. I strongly encourage you to read the rubric before writing your paper so that you have a sense of how your essay will be graded. (To view the rubric, click on the ‘Personal Philosophy of Success’ link above; then click on ‘View Rubric.’) This paper will be due towards the end of the term; see Calendar for specific due date.

An “A” paper will…

  1. Demonstrate the writer’s careful consideration of three or more important success strategies.
  2. Contain extensive support (examples, experiences, evidence, and/or explanation) for each strategy, and
  3. Show a commitment to excellence in preparation, including professional appearance and a command of standard English.

A Note about Academic Integrity: Please keep in mind that once you submit your paper into the SafeAssign assignment repository for grading, SafeAssign will check it for originality (ie, make sure your writing is indeed yours and not copied from another source). If you incorporate outside reference material into your paper, please make sure to cite your sources; failure to recognize source material is considered plagiarism. Upon my evaluation, if your paper is found to be plagiarized (either wholly or in part), you will receive a zero (0) for the assignment and you will not be permitted to re-submit.

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