Special Occasion Speech


INTRODUCTION 1. Grab the attention of the group 2. Introduce the occasion 3. State who is being honored and what they are being honored for 4. Explain your relation to the honoree (why are you eiving the toast)
Exampk.- Can I have everyone’s attention (may state while tapping a glass)! I would like to toast Krista on her fabulous 50th birthday. Krista and I have been like sisters for over 7 years.
1. Pick one or two values or characteristics this person exemplifies. 2. Tell one or two positive/humorous and specific stories showing how they embody these characteristi cs. 3. Note how these characteristics make them a wonderful partner, groom, couple, co-worker, etc.
Example: From the day we met, Krista’s kindness and generosity has ceased to amaze me. We met while standing in the checkout line at the grocery store. I was paying for my items when I realized I was short $5. I began searching my wallet when all of a sudden this sweet lady behind me hands the cashier a $5 bill. I knew right then that we were going to be friends. But, this would not be the last generous act… (another story). As you can see, Krista’s kindness and generosity not only makes her a great friend, but the kind of human being everyone should strive to emulate.

1. Ask everyone to lift their glass/cup 2. End with a congratulatory line
Example: So if everyone will lift their glasses with me. Krista, may you live another 50 years filled with joy and reap all of the kindness and generosity you have given to others. Oh, and by the way, here is your $5 back. Cheers (cling glasses if possible)!

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