Strategic Management Assignment 3

Read Case #10-, Inc.: Retailing Giant to High Tech Player? and answer the following questions (each question its own subsection): no plagiarism……… plagiarism……… plagiarism…………….no plagiarism. The case study and template are attached below…………


  1. Is Amazon becoming or has become a High-Technology Company?
  2. Should Amazon collect state sales tax in every state?
  3. Should Amazon invest in same day delivery?
  4. How will this new concept of drone delivery impact Amazon? (outside research required).
  5. How can Amazon (Kindle Fire) continue to compete with Apple, Samsung and Sony? (link topics from Chapter 5 & Chapter 6).
  6. submit your responses to the Weekly Assignment Folder.


Additional case resources:

Post/submit homework to the assignment folder for grading.

Make sure you provide substantive graduate level answers.

Make sure you use adequate, credible and reliable APA source citations to support your work.

**Minimum 3 full pages min**

***Resubmittals are not accepted once a graded has been awarded***

***ALL written assignments must be submitted in Word document format ONLY**

**When you submit your written assignment, via Word document, it will be loaded automatcially to TURNTIN.COM via each assignment weekly***


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