Summarizing and Analyzing Articles

It is important to be able to sort through information found in sources and to be critical of the author of that
source. The information below will help you formulate questions about a source and evaluate if it contains
Assessment Directions: 
Use the ITT Tech Virtual Library to access a credible news or journal article about the topic that you have
examined in Module 2. Then, write an analysis that covers these areas:  1. List the title and author of the article in APA format. Provide the URL to the source if possible. 2. Summarize the issue and key points the author uses to persuade the reader to agree with his or her
position. This should be a 5- to 7-sentence summary. 3. Identify the author’s personal or professional background and any affiliations that would affect his
or her thinking. For example, is he or she a Republican or a Democrat? Is he or she affiliated with
the government or a religious institution? Does his or her qualification help or hinder his or her
writing? Where did you find this information?  4. Document your reaction to the author’s viewpoint and his or her arguments. Be sure to cover all the
questions below and support your answer with specifics from the article.  a. Did you find anything the author said that you could agree with?  b. Would you change your mind about any part of the issue based on extenuating circumstances?  c. What most strongly influences your opinions (family, education, ethnicity, political, or religious
affiliation)?  d. Is there any element of stereotyping that might be a part of your response to the author (for
instance, you never agree with a Democrat or a Republican)? 5. Analyze the validity of the author’s position on this topic against these criteria: a. Did he or she use emotionally charged language?  b. Were the experts or evidence cited by the author current, reliable, and apparently credible?  c. Did the author omit significant evidence or ideas that are contrary to his or her own? Did the
author commit errors in the logic stated?  
EN3220: Module 2 Searching and Evaluating Credible Sources
Analysis 2.1
Summarizing and Analyzing Articles
Submission Requirements:   Submit your responses for grading in a Microsoft Word document, clearly separating all 5 questions.  The analysis should be 700 to 900 words.  Adhere to Standard English grammar, spelling, and punctuation requirements.  Use 12-point Arial font and double-space. 

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