Take ONE of the conflicts discussed

Brainstorm about ONE of the following:

  • Option 1: Take ONE of the conflicts discussed in Sayre, Ch. 32, on 19th century America and discuss how that conflict is treated in the visual arts and/or writings of the era. The conflicts are (1) territorial expansion and Native Americans, (2) urbanization, (3) women’s rights, and (4) the expatriation of American writers and artists.
  • Option 2: How do “Fin de Siecle” artists and writers move beyond realism and “toward the Modern”? Choose ONE realist work and ONE comparable “fin de siecle” work and define through comparison and contrast what is “modern” about the latter.

Write a journal entry answering one of the prompts. In style, your journal should be more informal and spontaneous in tone, more exploratory in thinking, than a formal “essay.” It is not intended to be a document that you work and rework as carefully as you would essay drafts. Relax and have fun with the ideas you’re presented with. At the same time, a good command of English language diction, grammar, and syntax is expected. You might also benefit from reviewing the basic format of an expository essay to help guide your journal entry. Your journal must:

  • Express your own analytical thinking, i.e. not be a summary or paraphrase of the textbook.
  • Have a brief introduction.
  • Have a main point or “thesis.”
  • Support the thesis with evidence from the text, such as examples, reasons, or data.
  • Have a conclusion.
  • Be at least 850 words.
    • If you have more to say, say it.
    • Journals that do not meet the minimum standards for length will receive an “F” grade.
  • Correctly cite outside sources if you use them, using either MLA or Chicago/Turabianformat. Use these links to the Purdue OWL for reference.
  • Be formatted like a college composition:
    • double spaced
    • 1″ margins (or Word default: 1″ top and bottom, 1.25″ each side)
    • a heading including your name, the date, and the course number at the top left of the first page
    • a title

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