Technology Paper

Your major assignment for this class is to write a report (such as you might write to your boss), outlining what you see as the impact of robotic process automation in your industry.  You should describe the technology and its implications, both and advantageous and disadvantageous, and outline a plan of action for dealing with your recommendations for assimilating (or otherwise) the technology.  Such actions could include strategic and/or operational activities, changes necessary to current practice and behavior, etc., and may cover ethical, privacy and security considerations as necessary.


Your papers should be around 1000 words and professional in appearance and preparation.  Note that 1000 words is not a lot of space to deal with such a complex issue.  You should see this as an opportunity to construct concise, informative documents.  There will be a penalty for exceeding the word limit by more than 10%. Assignments are to be submitted electronically via Blackboard

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