The role of a data architect

¬†This was a interesting comparison to me. We are living in a world of Big Data and the technological advancing economy, everything revolves around data and technology in today’s society and market. The role of a data architect has extremely evolved throughout the years. In the past, they would focus more on cause and effect, solutions, and how to improve processes, much like a consultant purely¬†analyzing the programs. Now, a data architect does the opposite, plus some. The data architects now seek out problems, present them to the corporation to fix it, or even use the model. Data architects work closely with the users to design and construct a successful business. They will also oversee the process and infrastructure needed for support of the model. Some responsibilities of the data architect now is to create future strategies and recommendations for data policy, collaborates with the team members to develop a realistic, easy to use database, and ensures accessibility all the while still managing the system that was designed. Many corporations, not just healthcare, are looking to expand the need to database analytics and architects since technology is a demanding career field now, and it is continuing to grow. Technology is a huge asset to their companies to ensure successful operations. Data models are constantly needing to be change to adapt to the new processes. Keeping the same model from five years ago will not ensure improvement within a facility. New information is constantly needed, and requires to be processed and stored.

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