Topic 1: Employee Privacy in the Workplace

Topic 1: Employee Privacy in the Workplace

Draft a company policy on use of the internet by employees. Draft it in the form of a memo to employees.
In your memo discuss the following issues:
1. What are the general rules?
2. Does “The Electronic Communications Privacy Act of 1986 (part of the Omnibus Crime Control and Safe Streets Act, 18 USC sec. 2510 et seq.” apply and how specifically?
3. Pick a specific state and discuss how that state handles the issue of an employer monitoring its employees’ use of company computers, cell phones and emails?
4. Do employees have a reasonable expectation of privacy in, e.g., an email they might send at work? A website they might visit?  How could your policy deal with this?
5. Be sure and make a distinction in your memo between government employees and private employees as to privacy rights.
You must substantively respond to two colleagues.
Use a minimum of two HR/legal references to support your conclusions.
Here are a couple to get you started.
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