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Laurie’s  at Orchard

Lauries, a community center for poor and homeless woman, offers services and help to the women in the Dallas area. On the 3rd Wednesday of every month, Laurie’s Place will be offering the following services to the women whose children attend the Orchard .

Date: Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Time: 2pm-5pm

Where: Cafeteria at Orchard

Services we will provide:

  • Know Your Rights (Utility rights, Lifeline phone services, general benefits eligibility)
  • ESOL information and placement testing
  • Ask a lawyer
  • Ask a nurse
  • Voter Registration
  • Kids Crafts table
  • Advocates will be available to assist  with any questions you have regarding housing, community resources, transportation applications, utility questions, and any other questions you may have 

** Raffle and prizes will be held at 4:30pm for those who attend**

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