Strategic Analysis Plan For Warby Parker

You will prepare a strategic analysis of/plan for Warby Parker. Your “client” is that

organization’s top management team. Your paper will be graded on the basis of its

insight, logic, and scope.

Your paper should be three pages, double-spaced, using 12-point type, not including

appendixes, exhibits, and/or references. You may either write an essay or organize your

paper as an outline. In either case, please follow this format:

Page 1:

Current capabilities—as a mix of differentiation (D), economy (E), and interaction (I).

All three criteria matter, but most organizations can excel against only one or two—so

there are six viable strategic options: D, E, I, DE, DI, or EI. You are to select and

then defend one of these options. Some DEI parallels from the strategy literature are

listed on p. 107 of The Geometry of Strategy.

current customers, competitors, and complementors (C 3 )

Page 2:

  •  Your time frame (planning horizon), and rationale for that date
  •  Your proposed capabilities priority (choose one: D, E, I, DE, DI, or EI)
  •  You’re expected/proposed C 3

Page 3:

  •  The rationale for your proposed capabilities
  •  The rationale for your expected/proposed C 3
  •  Major implementation issue(s)
Instruction Files

MGMT 450 Online.docx

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