Students Strengths In Management

The book we are using REQUIRED TEXTS Williams, C. (2013). Management. (7th ed). Mason, Ohio: Cengage: SouthWestern. 

I added additional info from a survey we took so you get an idea of my “management/leadership” style. My “utopia job” is more in the back office. My degree is in business admin with emphasis in accounting. I love paperwork, numbers, and analysis. I’m a perfectionist and only feel comfortable taking charge when I know everything there is to know.

This is the rubric that will be used to grade this assignment.

Write your final paper for this class. Three to five pages. Based upon:

1. What you have learned about yourself and our particular management strengths (use any questionnaires found inside or outside of this course);

2. Two to three of the most useful management techniques that have been offered in the text and in discussions;

3. What you have learned about management and potential jobs in the future (link above).

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