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I as normal will be needing help many of you do not know I am very sick I am terminally ill fighting a very hard battle so I have to really have the person I pick to be in this 100% because there is a lot I have to put on this person and I have no other choices at this point all I can do is Pray whoever does this which we all know who this is cares as much about me and my grades as I do , most of all I want this person to be in it for the right reasons as well caring for your student is a perfectly normal and wonderful thing, and the studentt caring so much for their tutor I have been so BLESSED here and so happy with what I have been given as far as my tutor goes he is one amazing man Thank you. So please do not just send me a letter stating lets just di a handshake and you promise a 1 excellent work, no one is perfect and  I despose the emails where they say they are perfect and promise. Thank you all for taking your time out and reading my Homework request Lara

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